"Enjoying learning, learning to learn, learning from the group, in group and from themselves".

In our School, we provide students with knowledge of science, technology, humanities, arts, languages and Jewish values. We are attentive to the events that move society and to the discoveries and contributions that take place in the field of general culture. We incorporate the knowledge built by boys and girls inside and outside the school and contribute to organize, systematize and enrich it.

Bilingual School

Our school is officially certified as a Bilingual Elementary School and is a member of ESSARP.

Our students take Cambridge University international exams -Moovers, Key for Schools (ex KET) and Preliminary for Schools (ex PET)- in order to systematize their knowledge and prepare them to take the International Baccalaureate in our Secondary School.

Person-centered learning

- Tutor teachers accompany the group life and the growth of each individual.

- Teaching assistants accompany the heterogeneity of the school groups.

- External advisors train our teachers on a weekly basis in each discipline.

Pedagogical proposal

Programming, robotics, educational video games, holograms and work with specific programs.

From 1st grade, curricular subjects in English: Science, Social Studies, Geometry, Storytelling & Art.

Construction of Jewish identity and teaching of Hebrew. Tzedakah Project.




Camps and
field trips

We continue to grow

With the acquisition of the land on Güemes Street, we will expand the Primary School by 2,500 m². This will allow us to renovate existing spaces and create new ones. The project contemplates the creation of a sustainable building with more playgrounds, a dining room, an event hall, flexible indoor and outdoor classrooms, maker spaces and vertical gardens.

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